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Reflection/DC Blogs Photography Contest

  Stained Floor 
  Originally uploaded by Madame Meow

There are few places here in DC that offer such a serene, cool calm as the Washington National Cathedral.  It’s a place that inspires quiet reflection while dazzling the eyes with its beauty.  There is something about places of worship –regardless of denomination– that appeals to a collective reverence inside all of us.

For some reason, I feel we could use a place like this right now, as a city.  Death has a similar way of bringing out that collective reverence and allowing us to attain a place of, if certainly not peace, at least of perspective.


In case you’ve been living under a rock here in DC, the city has been saddened by the sudden and violent death of Sean Taylor — Redskins safety, son, father,  and my personal favorite Easterns motors trainer— yesterday.

I’ve read some excellent and sad commentary (<–requires reg. –sorry) on the Washington Post and in local blogs; commentary on being a black youth in America, and commentary on violent crime regardless of race.  Whenever death comes around, and whenever a public death happens to all of us we search for answers. 

But sometimes what we need to do is take a look in the reflection of the life the deceased left behind: see the beautiful colors and the love that was poured into that person who is no longer with us, and be glad that they lived.

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3 thoughts on “Reflection/DC Blogs Photography Contest

  1. I *love* the Cathedral, and I’m an agnostic! 🙂

  2. one of my co-workers was actually crying during a conference call we had the day we heard about sean taylor’s death. her husband took a day off of work to mourn. a bit too much? maybe. but they got engaged at a redskins game and they’re both die hard fans. i don’t really care for the redskins, but i think taylor’s death is incredibly sad mostly for two reasons–one, he was young and two, he left behind a young daughter. my dad passed when i was an infant too so i can say with certainty that his daughter will be most affected by his death.

  3. Thank you so much for your entry! Really nice photo.

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