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Pretty (Sleepy) Woman

Even if the looming threat of missing a day of NaBloPoMo weren’t looming large above my head, I would still find it hard to write right now.  I have a pounding headache and my feet are cold and I’m watching "Pretty Woman" and I need a pedicure.

There. I’ve whined.

But seriously…. it’s hard to think sometimes, with all this posting all the time thingy. 

I’d better win a prize for all this martyrdom or something.


Honestly, I must say that the whole prize thing makes it fun but a little weird.

I mean, blogging is something to do for fun… and you get prizes?  I honestly don’t think I’m doing a good job of explaining this.  It could be the sirens blaring or it could be the Gere-Roberts pillow talk making me all mushy-hearted and misty-eyed.

Julia Roberts is not pretty, but she is charming.

Richard Gere, on the other hand, is quite foxy.  Let it be known that he and his slightly poufed hair are so very dreamy.

Ah, the red dress.  Classic.


But a red dress does not a redress make.  That’s my pun for the night.

Mmm… sleep.

Nighty-night bloggies; nighty-night BloPos; nighty-night fellow bloggers who were so fun and loud and racuous the other night.  It was lovely to meet you all (even if I had to leave early).


("You LOVE him?")

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5 thoughts on “Pretty (Sleepy) Woman

  1. Pretty Woman stinks. No wonder you’re whining.
    The whole prize thing baffles me too. Not that I’m getting one, as I’ve missed a day or two (accidentally!) and I’ll miss a few more as I’m going home for turkey day. Bah.

  2. I’m finding this whole posting daily thing is harder on weekends and is gonna be all kinds of hard with my parents in town for the holidays. Way to perservere over a fine movie though! šŸ™‚

  3. you’re more than half way there. i knew i couldn’t blog every day, so it’s a good thing i didn’t commit to NaBloPoMo. but i’m glad you’re still hanging in there.

  4. Eerie…I was watching “Pretty Woman” yesterday, too. I figure once every 5 years or so isn’t going to turn me into a gooey-eyed-fairy-tale-believer.
    Though, I must say, it occurred to me while watching it this time that maybe the reason more of us don’t get the fairy tale is that few of us have the self-esteem to pass on a “great offer” and hold out for the fairy tale these days.
    Then, too, we all know it’s not going to be a fairy tale forever. Mr. Foxy ain’t gonna change his spots overnight, and she’ll find herself playing second fiddle to his business more than she’ll like sooner than later.
    Oh let me shut up and not burst the bubbles of the believers…
    As for NaBloPoMo, I joined on the 15th, so I’m not gonna get any prizes, either, but I am proud that I haven’t missed yet. Quite an accomplishment considering my nearly-a-month absence from the blogosphere prior to joining.
    Good to be back and doing the MCM thing again, too!

  5. You’re right, she’s not really pretty but Charming Woman just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
    It was great meeting you the other night!!

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