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Tour De Meow

So if you’re coming through NaBlo and being masochistic with me, you may be wondering, "So who is this person anyway?"

And well, I’m not exactly going to tell you –although this blog pretty much spells it out for the world to see.  But hey, I’ve hit the legendary wall-o-exhaustion and so you get some links to figure out things or to give your eyes a rest and me a burnout break. 

Without further ado,  you can click here to read what was going on with me a year ago (yikes!  mastitis!), and click here if you want to read about what was going on Chez Meow two years ago (yikes! feeling my cervix?!).

If you want to read about my early freakouts when I was two months pregnant (mobster placenta?!) click back there. 

If you want an inside scoop about some of my favorite Honolulu haunts, click here. (mmm!)

If you were curious as to what I think about Roger Federer, read this. (he’s a god)

And if you want to read about what a lunchtime drive in DC looked like to me, please do the honors. (it’s chaotic)

Finally, my quitting-time NaNoWriMo post of last year. (boo-hiss)

I’m not sure what this collection accomplishes, but I hope that those of you who decide to give things a click enjoy themselves :o)  Thank you so much for reading my blog!  I really appreciate you –whether you leave feedback or you’re part of the silent majority.

Enjoy your three-day weekend in the States!

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3 thoughts on “Tour De Meow

  1. I hear you girl. I didn’t think this writing every day thing would be tough but sometimes *#$@#*$@#^$
    Keep it up, you can do it. Only 19 more rounds to go.

  2. This was quite an effective post. I might have to try something similar.

  3. Oh, the daily blogging is getting tiring. But I shall persevere! Or, fall asleep on my keyboard … Zzzz…

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