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Writing Together, We’ll Get The Job Done

Ever since today dawned, I’ve been thinking about what I shall post today.

Normally –that is, in non-NaBlo days– I only post five days a week.  And during those five days, some of my entries are fun and some are short.  Some are inspired and some are trite.

Some are pure junk, and that’s okay.  Well, relatively okay –really, I should go back and erase some junk, but it’s not as if anyone is keeping score, right?

There is no pressure and no extra traffic and no expectations set forth by me.  And today there are.  (Hi fellow NaBloPo’ers!)


I realize that doing National Blog Posting Month really only means that you get to post every day and so I should just adhere to that really simple point and just be at peace with it.  However, that challenge doesn’t seem very challenging, if you will, unless your schedule is so full that you cannot allot five minutes to write a couple of sentences and add maybe one or  two links.  To be perfectly honest, that is the kind of entry I am saving up for that point in time that one of the people in my Random Bloggers group eloquently described as "the bottom of [the] barrel being scraped."

I guess that the success of yesterday’s entry has made me a little nervous, since I’m here on the honesty bent.  I’m afraid that my writing efforts have peaked on day two and that for the remaining twenty-eight days I will be limping along, grasping at straws to draw your attention to my reading and crossing my fingers that anyone will read my uninspired drivel and take pity upon my poor soul. 

Suggestion: ether works nicely.

While there are tons of people who are commendably and truly committed to their writing and are doing both the posting and the novel effort, I realize that I can only do one of the two due to my circumstances as a mother and home manager (<–lofty title, eh?) with no external help.  I’ve come to terms with it and I haven’t even logged in to the Novel Writing site.  I do feel a little wistful– as if I should be doing more to develop my writing talent or at least meaning it more.

Maybe if I were more organized? 
Maybe if I made a chart?
Maybe if I hid in the woods for a couple of weeks?
Maybe if I were a better, more prolific writer, period.

But I also realize that part of being an adult and a rational person who values sleep and a clean house is to come to terms with the fact that not everything can be done when one wants it or wills it to be done –there is such a thing as pacing oneself.


But… what about the quality?

And so, the quality of the posts has become my official nemesis because I enjoy being neurotic.

So here is my open deal with myself: thirty days of posting it is, but I would like to further challenge myself to thirty days of quality posts– of posts like yesterday’s that elicit emotional responses, or even posts like this one which elicited the closest I’ve ever come to a flame war.

Two questions, now:

1.  Who is with me?


2. Can we build it?  YEAH!  Can we fix it?  YEAH!

Pee Ess:  Children’s television = horrible earworm that will rot your brain, one catchy song at a time.

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6 thoughts on “Writing Together, We’ll Get The Job Done

  1. *hides scorepad behind back* No, no one’s keeping score. Absolutely no one.
    Quality, schmality. I think most people would understand it’s tough to be Shakespeare on a daily basis. Simply write well, and do not worry so much about the amounts of content. A short post written well is better than a full page of drivel, yes?

  2. What!? Not only do the posts have to be DAILY for 30 days, they have to be GOOD, too? Now, that may be a little overly ambitious for me – I’ve already got filler and fluff posts in the works.
    But seriously, I also intend to do my best to make MOST of my NaBloPoMo posts “quality” ones. From my experience as a reader of your blog, I don’t think that goal will be a problem for you at all. Now, onward to Day 4!

  3. I’m stopping by on my way to commenting on as many NaBloPoMo blogs as possible as part of the NaBloPoMo commenting challenge. More information is available here – http://nablopomo.ning.com/group/commentingchallenge
    I totally agree; you don’t have to be Shakespeare every day. There’s always the option of posting a picture for the day, or any number of endless possibilities. However, I gotta say that judging from the work you have here already, you’re already a good writer, and can only get even better with this month of posting 🙂

  4. I don’t know Madame. I don’t think I can handle a flame war right now. I can post every day, but I really don’t know if I can improve even though I do want to.

  5. “ears, elbows, knees and toes…KNEES AND TOES!” that is what’s in my head now that i have spent a day with my niece and her favorite CD of kids songs.
    Pee Pee Ess: Children’s CDs = horrible earworm that will rot your brain, one catchy song at a time.

  6. Hah…you obviously suffer from the same relentless drive for personal perfection that I do, carefully concealed under everyday detritus and a habit of procrastination!?
    Like you, I thought just turning up every day and writing a few lines, maybe a few piccies, would be good enough for NaBloPoMo. But it just didn’t feel right, bit too slap-happy…Honesty is a killer isn’t it?
    I ended up writing a post called Getting Serious where I reached many of the same conclusions you have here. Snap…
    So, can we build it? YES, WE CAN…!
    Pee Pee Ess: Can brain cells regenerate, or are we doomed to Wiggles and Bob flashbacks for the rest of our lives?

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