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Oops. She’s Done Did It.

Is there anything left to say regarding Britney Spears?


I missed her performance last night –I honestly forgot about it, but I think my subconscious mind was also hard at work, trying to let me watch when it didn’t feel so raw and so very live.

Instead I spent my Sunday evening listening to Monsieur Meow groan about how Roger Federer is too good, and then watching Rev. Mom’s favorite drivel– "Rock of Love" with all its bloated badness– and then watched a rerun of "The Girls Next Door" and five excruciating minutes of the worst show ever conceived: "Sunset Tan".

"Sunset Tan" is past the point of dumb and therefore pretty much unwatchable, unlike the other shows which at least have some sort of fun situations, celebrities that aren’t just incidental, and actual human interest –to a degree.  Whoever thought that it would be exciting to watch stuck-up tanorexics working at a tanning salon day in and day out is a moron and needs to have some sort of existential crisis, because it’s just not right to subject ANYONE to watch a show that is really, literally, the human equivalent of watching Mystic Tan dry.

The Olly girls make Kendra Wilkinson sound like an empowered feminist — or maybe that’s a stretch, because Kendra is still abysmally dumb; although if these two camps were to rumble, I’d totally root for Kendra because her brand of dumb at least has some introspection.

(i.e. She knows she’s actually quite dumb)

Seriously, I’m surprised the Olly girls can keep breathing without having to be reminded of it.  And all the tans the employees of the show tout are so hideous, it’s painful to watch them at times.   The whole staff looks a little like burn victims in several shades of horrible, parading around like orange ghosts whose only mission in life is to haunt those who still have unstimulated melanocytes and unsettle them with snobbishness until they enlist in that disgusting army of skin-undead.

Can you tell I don’t really like this show despite having watched more than ten minutes (and sadly more than once)?


Back to Britney: why even focus on it?
I tried to root for her.  She let me down– nay, all of America and the world at large down.
She’s had so many chances to redeem herself, but she throws all her chances away.  Is there anything left? 


Here, you can click on a couple of people who’ve said it better than (and before) I did:

Pretty on the Outside
Audrey from Pinks and Blues

Enjoy and happy Monday!

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6 thoughts on “Oops. She’s Done Did It.

  1. Oh, hun. Your brain isn’t doing its job if it’s not protecting you from Britany 24/7. I have no idea why you even consider her a source of possible entertainment … well, OK, I do, but only when she’s in the papers once again for being a twit.
    Honestly. You really need to upgrade. Now, Madonna, that’s talent.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Britney is in some need for some serious help. Honestly, probably as much as the Olly Girls!! I am addicted to those bad shows. I have even been known to watch the marathon days. Hey, it makes for some good TV and banter later! LOL!
    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  3. Thanks for the shout out. Britney is in some need for some serious help. Honestly, probably as much as the Olly Girls!! I am addicted to those bad shows. I have even been known to watch the marathon days. Hey, it makes for some good TV and banter later! LOL!
    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  4. i feel so bad for britney. i really do. but i’m not surprised that her vma performance was a mess. she didn’t even try. i’m also not surprised that she has spent her pre-vma days partying it up in las vegas (although i would be the first to admit how hard it would be to avoid partying there). maybe she should have been rehearsing.
    this was supposed to be her big comeback and she blew it.
    you know who else i feel sorry for? kendra. because the girl has no marketable skills whatsoever. if for whatever reason, hef dumps the girls, at least holly could work for the magazine and bridget could finally use her multiple degrees. but kendra? what would she do? strip?

  5. So, on that show, do they run commercials for skin cancer treatments or sun damage creams?

  6. I wonder what is going through Brit’s mind as she gets up on stage and performs — the spark has definitely left, but why did she even try to make it come back? I’m sure she’s under huge pressure from her record labels and so forth to perform, but….ugh. And, for the record, I thought she looked damned hot up there; as someone else said, many women would kill for a body that good, let alone what she used to be, so it only disgusts me to hear people talking about how “fat” and “ugly” she was because she didn’t have a six-pack. No wonder women have such bad self image when most of them are really pretty people. Stupid.
    But….Spears has jumped the shark. If I was a personal advisor I’d sit her down and say, “Look…I know it’s been a long, hard road. You’ve given up a lot, let a lot of people dictate what you must do and how to do it, and you’ve really been through the wringer. Celebrity life is hard and it’s hard to keep the straight and narrow. I really think that, at this point, you will live a longer, healthier, and better life if you wisely invest your money and simply take up traveling, or studies, or something similar. Give up the showbiz and you’ll find enjoyment somewhere else.”

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