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Laundry List: Blog Love

Alrighty…. Tuesdays are often jumbled and crazy and the one day in the workweek where it seems you get no respite from the madding, dorking crowd.

You need a laundry list of things to see, click, and visit.

1. I got this from Suzanne Says… and I think it’s a great idea!  So peez click and go check it out!

Blog Day 2007

2. You’ve seen Miss Teen South Carolina’s lively repartee by now, yes?  Alack!  Clicketh!  (via Roaring Mouse)

3. You need to visit Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog and laugh today.  And maybe cringe a little.

4. I earned a Bronze medal over at MamaBlogga’s Blog Olympics!  If you’re a mother who blogs (I *refuse* to use the term "mommyblogger" as it is the semiotic equivalent of Velveeta), you need to pay her a visit.

BlogOlympics Bronze Medalist oo… shiny!

5. Have you visited Pretty On The Outside today?  Tsk, tsk.

6. Barking cat iz in needz of macros (via swandiver).



7. The title is awkward and would benefit from better editing, but Violent Acres’s piece on women who hide behind the SAHM label and its companion piece on women’s wasted potential are excellent and hit close to home (see item #4).  She always manages to rattle the monkey cage in just the right way, for maximum poop explosion.

8. I want this book, because this book was pretty awesome.  Want-want-want-want.

9. Alright!  It looks like today’s high will be 89 and the low lingered around the high 60s early this morning.  It’s going to be another loooooovely high-humidity day but hey!  The high pressure shouldn’t be too too bad as it seems to have been rising, right?  Clouds, clouds go away!  (does anyone know how I can exorcise my inner weatherperson?)

Have a lovely Tuesday and don’t linger too long in public bathrooms, loveys!

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4 thoughts on “Laundry List: Blog Love

  1. Can I send that woman a map? Maybe she could use it as a table cloth?

  2. awww…poor Ms. Teen South Carolina. i feel bad for her. maybe she was nervous.
    apparently, she was given another chance to answer the question on the Today show and she said something to the effect of, “Well, me and my friends can all find the US on a map.”
    oh honey…

  3. Yeah, Miss Teen S.C. is the winner.
    … she wasn’t one of those chicks you nose-shot chai at the other day, was she?

  4. i want that book too! i was so jealous of the boys’ book and i like that ours will be such a pretty blue… i just added it to my amazon wish list 😉 thanks!

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