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It’s Always Beer O’Clock Somewhere

Do you know what the best part of going to the beach on a day that isn’t too sunny and too "perfect" is?

You get to have the beach to yourself.

You get to run into interesting characters who ask you such leading questions as, "Is it Beer O’Clock yet?"

You also get to pick as many shark’s teeth as you can find, and you make skeevy yet nice acquaintances (see above).

You get to play and swim and you accidentally get a tan because you decide that even though the sun is just as intense when there is cloud cover, that maybe it won’t apply this time.

You discover that even though you are paranoid about skin cancer and never really "tan" you actually managed to score a bit of nice brown color and you are thrilled.

And you discover that a little dip in the ocean guarantees a sound and dreamless night’s sleep.

Yet another reason why summer is wonderful.

Or well, why the beach can be wonderful.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Always Beer O’Clock Somewhere

  1. the beach rules! i’m so jealous! sounds like loads of fun… 🙂

  2. You found shark’s teeth? I never find shark’s teeth …

  3. Lovely, lovely imagery. I love the beer o’clock comment. When my sister wants to have a beer and it’s only 11am at her place, she justifies it by saying it’s noon in my time zone (that is, if you prescribe to the ‘no drinking before noon’ rule).

  4. We have a neighborhood beach nearby and I love dropping by during the week. Just a few locals.

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