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Luscious Light, Leviathan, Lollygagging

I have a neverending and downright monstrous melée of things that I’m trying to weigh in my mind lately, and it’s a bit odd.  It’s especially odd because I’m still not sure that I can discuss them, although I did talk to a few friends about them.  Well, Inty-nets… you’re just going to have to wait.

However, I will admit this much: I have been rehashing many things in my mind, and not all are of the life-changing, happiness-in-life, holy-crappity of it all and possibly-relocating variety.  Here is a taste of the smörgåsbord of my mind:

1. You know what I find irritating?  I find it irritating when people make grand gestures out of nowhere to be your friend and talk about meeting up for coffee or hanging out and they make it sound like they are so very happy to meet you and to get to know you… and then nothing happens.  As it is, I am a bit of a pessimist and I try not to get my hopes up when it comes to meeting new people and *gasp* thinking that they actually want to be friends with me.  So when my hopes are raised and summarily dashed, it’s just like replaying sixth grade all over again and I get sad and defensive.  And then, I get angry with an anger that lingers for days and days and is stoked anytime I remember that I’ve been wronged.

2. I am excited about the possibility of having a girls’ night out.  Incidentally, an apostrophe IS supposed to grace that letter "s" after "girls" because you ask yourself, "Whose night out is it?" and the answer is "It is the night out of the GIRLS!"  And so, the possessive dictates that it should be so: girls’ night out.   Girls’ Night Out!  Why? Because I haven’t had the opportunity to get gussied up and go out and grab a drink with just a gaggle of  women in EONS. 
I think the last time I did that was when I was pregnant (AND DID NOT KNOW IT SO CUT ME SOME SLACK) and my dear cuz Jules and I went to the 19th hole after golf lessons.  *sniff*misses*sniff* 

Plus, if we go, we shall be going here, and doesn’t THAT sound awesome?  C’mon: dime museums and burlesque?  You know you’re jealous.

3. I’m reading three books at the same time.  One I borrowed from a friend; one I borrowed from Rev. Mom and one I’m reading for a Mother-Talk review carnival, and I’m excited to do that.  Um yes.  That’s about it.  I finished reading A Game of Thrones, the first book of a series of books that Monsieur Meow loves and I hate to admit that even though they are normally the last kind of book I’d pick even if stranded on a deserted island, I am compltely hooked and I guess I’m on board for reading the whole six- or eight-700+ page book series if only to see who DOESN’T get killed.

4. A big thank you goes out to YouTube user named kilowarning! Herr Meow asks for the clip you uploaded many times a day:

Honestly, there are few things that make the little man as happy and I have you to thank.  My sanity thanks you  as well.

5. You know… when there is a day like today where the babies can walk around in very little clothing and mommies and babies can have lunch al fresco and when there is a crisp breeze in spite of the heat and when the light still stretches the day out until 8:30- 9pm and when you can walk about on the hot asphalt barefoot in the early evening and when the air conditioning does not need to be on because the house held on to the cool evening and everyone has a smile on their face… these are the days that make it so hard to imagine that sweaters and scarves and boots are ever needed and that the ground freezes.  Ah, summer!

6. I bought a Poetry magazine, and I fell in love with a couple of poems in there.  Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener… but for poetry.

7. I should also mention that in the same trip wherein the Poetry Magazine was purchased, a delectable issue of OK! Magazine was also acquired and oh my…. oh me, oh my.  Britney Spears… we hardly knew ye liked to use expensive dresses as paper towels, girl!   (Pee Ess: Does Star Jones really feel like she needs to admit to having gastric bypass?  Uh… we know you didn’t deflate like that all on your own so quickly, so duh.)

8. A little knock on the door just now: a sweet little girl who lives a few doors down, asking to play with Herr Meow.  She was informed he was napping, but that he would gladly come out when done with siesta.  Will I make sure he comes out later?  Sure thing, little girl.  That is as sure a thing as any.
Madame Meow’s heart?  300% size increase, at least.
Maybe my son will not be social outcast like his mother. 
A Grinchess can only hope.

9. I’m now using my favorite number to remind you to stay hydrated, dab on the sunscreen and eat something that makes you happy.  And also to remind you that even a nice beginning of a gesture makes you a nicer person than no gesture at all.

Ex-Oh-Ex to all my reader peeps!

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7 thoughts on “Luscious Light, Leviathan, Lollygagging

  1. Well on that last note, what else can I do, but ‘gesture’ in your direction! [in a friendly manner of course]
    Best wishes

  2. “I find it irritating when people make grand gestures out of nowhere to be your friend and talk about meeting up for coffee … and then nothing happens.”
    Gee, I hope you didn’t mean ME! I really intend to have lunch! I do! Honest! Pinky-swear! No, really! Next time I come to DC, which will be relatively soon, we will do lunch. Promise!
    *slinks away in shame*

  3. Vixen on said:

    I would love to be able to meet up and have lunch someplace. However until I get rich enough to be able to afford a plane to fly me where ever I want to go, we’ll have to settle for bloqs and emails.
    10. Who would have thought that Bonnie would make it to the end on Hell’s Kitchen?? Guess it shows that being a personal chef and nanny means more than doing average meals. I really enjoyed watching her tell Chef Ramsey off. She was the only one who got into the spirit of it. She also sounded like Chef Ramsey. 🙂
    Next week is the last episode for this season. I wonder how Bonnie and Rock will decorate their halves of the restaurant?? I still think Rock doesn’t have the control he needs to run a kitchen but we shall see.

  4. Oh I know what you mean about unrequited social promises. It really irks me. I always feel as though I’ve done something wrong and that said people think I’m an idiot. So 6th grade.
    And as for Herr Meow – I knew the girls would come knocking sooner rather than later. He is a gorgeous charmer.

  5. i am totally with you on #1. i hate when my friends flake out on me. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve made plans with someone only for someone to not show. ugh. makes me wanna pull my hair out sometimes.
    and i like my hair!
    your intro paragraph has me a little worried about you. i hope you’re ok! 🙂

  6. This was one of my favorite posts. I’m heading to bed with a big smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart region. And that burlesque show DOES sound exciting. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Good night.

  7. Aww thanks everyone for our replies. And rest assured that it is none of you who is mentioned in item #1.
    OC– don’t worry. We’re okay ;o)

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