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The Worst Part of Addiction is Becoming a Peddler

Jumbled thoughts and ACTUAL laundry needs to be done today, so…

…I smell laundry list:

1. I have found crack for nerds. 
If you go to http://www.goodreads.com you will see what I mean: it is a veritable paradise for all things über-geek because…
I know.  It sounds absolutely dorky at first.  But then you remember this one book?  And then another one.  And a few more trickle in. Along with the books come all those good memories (or bad, as the case may be), and the sensations and the feelings associated with a book.

Because books, people… that’s some good stuff! (Thanks Erin!)
Incidentally, if you want to be my (dorky) friend, you can click HERE to add me to your list. ;o)

2. While I’m loving this summer weather –which is a true surprise because I really didn’t care for the heat that much in friggin’ Hawaii of all places– I really hope this is not what we can expect the whole summer.  Because, of course THAT was the problem with living in Hawaii: the utter predictability of the weather, which was the same almost every single day, and only broken up by cold spells –where you would be reaching for your sweater when it hit 70 degrees– or by hot and humid Kona winds.
Boring weather, surprisingly = boring.

3.  The other day, there was a picnic for the neighborhood mothers’ group here on the Hill.  While it was lovely and pleasant and well organized thanks to the dedicated mothers (and fathers and guardians, etc.) who put it together, I couldn’t shake off the strange feeling that some people were there solely to demonstrate that they are, in fact, the parents of their kids.  I honestly didn’t recognize a few kids without their nannies, and a few of the kids were at the picnic WITH their nannies instead of their parents.
Seriously people… I know that not everyone wants or can be a stay-at-home parent, but nannies at a weekend picnic is pushing it a little, isn’t it?  I mean… doesn’t the specter of Paris Hilton do anything to you?

4.  Speaking of the PH juggernaut– I am studiously avoiding gossip about her.  I’m tired of this!  It sucks and you people must stop talking about her because she IS NOT WORTH IT!  Argh, Larry King!  You suck so hard!  UGH!  PH, you stupid "heiress"!   And will everyone STOP calling her an heiress?  It’s SO TACKY!  I feel like I should be bedazzling something every time I am forced to type h-e-i-r-e-s-s!  Then again, PH, you’ve given Gilmore, of the awesome site Pretty on the Outside, much delicious fuel for satire.  You guys need to go see it and laugh, because it’s goooooooood.  It’s GOOOOOOOOOD!

5. Ooh.  Ominous clouds!  I hope it rains soon!

6. I am so mad at whatever keeps eating my wildflower seedlings, trying to peek through.  Any ideas from any gardener amongst youse who knows?


8. It just started to rain!

9. I have to go back and enter more books.  MORE. BOOKS. NOW!

I’m possessed.  Talk tomorrow, everyone!


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3 thoughts on “The Worst Part of Addiction is Becoming a Peddler

  1. loved that msnbc video. mika was perhaps just a little over the top, but then again, i might go crazy too if i was a serious journalist being forced to report on paris hilton yet again.
    did you hear US weekly is boycotting paris hilton? i hope all other publications follow suit.

  2. It’s pretty crazy what makes the news eh? Hence why I never listen to, read or watch it. I never know what’s true anyways. Having said that, the sketches on ‘Pretty on the outside’ are hilarious.

  3. You have no idea how happy this entry has made me! I have a running list of things I want to do before I die. One of the things is to make a list of every book I have read. http://www.goodreads.com is like a dream come true. I’ve only just joined, but I am enjoying it so much already! Thank you!

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