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Some days you just feel lucky to be you.  Today was one such day for me.

It was hot and delicious and it felt nice to be out and about –even if it was a little sweaty; and I got to go to IKEA with a friend and her baby and we had a really fun time figuring out what we did and did not need and yes…. IKEA is still evil, but delicious as well– especially these really yummy oat crisps with chocolate in the middle that attacked me at the grocery aisle thingy…. mmmmmmm; and later I got to meet up E:) for lunch!

And it was… wait for it… delicious!  I highly recommend La Lomita Dos –tucked away very near to the Library of Congress on Pennsylvana.  Mmm…. Mexicanny.

And E brought along two deliciously Australian morsels for Herr Meow and me: Tim Tam balls, which are sitting in the fridge, waiting for my blitzkrieg attack on them because they are awesome and chocolatey and you know you’re so jealous; and a lovely book called Possum Magic which is silly and sweet and made me hungry for knowing more about Australia and all its food– and might I add that the lamington sounds awesome, but I’ll never be able to accept that vegemite is actually "edible".  (It was great to see you E!!!!)

Now we’re sitting here, tired but relaxed and with the air conditioning off, just enjoying the first really warm day of almost-summer and listening to classical guitar and watching Herr Meow playing with his new steed.

Life is good.

Enjoy your week, my pretties!

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One thought on “Delciousness

  1. It was soooo good to see you and little Herr Meow as well. Fantastic lunch, fantastic company. We’ll have to do it again before I get exiled again…

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