A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


… there is no more kick-assy feeling of domestic awesomeness than looking up a random recipe in a good cookbook (my favorite being Craig Claiborne’s AWESOME New York Times Cookbook) and, as you’re going down the list of ingredients, realizing that you possess well over 90% of the listed ingredients.  And, just to add an extra note of petulance, that you can always substitute the dry sherry with dry vermouth.  Ha.

… there is something wrong with always tearing up and feeling homesick at the produce aisle.  Really, it’s kind of weird to have the produce clerk trying to cheer you up.  Weird, but nice too.  But still weird.

… you know you’re getting older –though not necessarily wiser– when what really turns your head and makes you stare and buy the magazine stand/impulse buy aisle are not the candies or the gum or the tabloids or the 1,001 turn-ons for your guy (#37: Brazilian Wax?) or the 782 gorgeous hair secrets, but the awesome barbecue recipes, the 1,001 room makeover and the 782 gorgeous decorating tips.  There should be a moral here somewhere that if the candy didn’t guarantee happiness, and the tabloids didn’t entertain enough and the sex tips were kind of trite and misguided, the odds are pretty good that the recipes will be kind of lame and the decorating tips will suck.  Alas, "Better Homes and Gardens" got my money today –so much for self-control too.

… why do people complain about the little bit of traffic build-up around 3 pm on 395 anyway?  You people haven’t been stuck in traffic until you’re inching  –literally, moving an inch a minute– down H-1 because some moron rear-ended someone else on account of the two drops of rain that fell at that very moment on his windshield.

… at least Hawaiians tend to turn into docile morons when a little rain falls, as opposed to the DC-Metro-zens who just turn into angry, raging misguided asshole morons who want to weave in and out of traffic perhaps in the weird hope that weaving will make them avoid the rain droplets.  Get a clue, people.  Seriously.

… have I mentioned enough times just how cool the 1920s Radio Network is?  You really ought to give it a listen!

Have a lovely afternoon and watch out for people driving funny in the rain, now!

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2 thoughts on “Incidentally…

  1. back home when it rained, people just forgot how to drive. and really, just how much rain does cali get anyways? (poor cali is in a drought right now so the answer is not much)
    however, last night, the boo picked me up from the metro since it was pouring rain out there and people were going crazy on glebe of all places. not good. i feared for my life (the lightning and thunder didn’t help).

  2. Oh! Me! Oh! My! I’m so excited about the 1920s Radio Network. Thank you so much. Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era (or perhaps lived a previous life in that era because it resonates so deeply)? 1920s music feels like home to me.

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