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It Seems We Will Always Have Paris, After All

Yes I know.  Paris is free, blah blah blah.

Honestly?  The worst punishment that an attention-starved overexposed brat could have ever received came in the very unsubtle way that most of America let her know how happy they were she was going to go to jail and be punished.

You may say it’s negative attention and any attention is good attention but I beg to differ: no one likes to be singled out for hurtful barbs, and least of all is Paris Hilton. 

I say that we stop thinking about her now.  She is not the first nor the last person who’s stayed out of the slammer, being allowed instead to wear the LoJack.  So let’s drop it and stop giving her attention, shall we?

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4 thoughts on “It Seems We Will Always Have Paris, After All

  1. I agree totally!

  2. It seriously makes you wonder what goes on in that girl’s head… Ugh. I’m glad she at least got some form of punishment.

  3. am i the only one who is celebrating the fact that she’s being sent back into jail?
    woo hoo!

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