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Randomata: The “Jesus Juice” Edition

It’s Saturday night and my house is clean because I said "screw it!" and wanted to wish myself a happy mother’s day.  A lovely troupe of Central American ladies breezed through and got rid of the last ounce of pollen clinging madly to the corners of my house.  If you live in the DC Metro area, I would like to recommend these ladies to you, incidentally.


I’m also a little drunk on (oops) which, incidentally, I hope doesn’t lead to an oops of the oh-crap-I’m-pregnant type.  I know.  That was totally tacky, but the wine is really good and I’m rather buzzed.  Okay, not totally buzzed, but happy and filled with the fermented love from up high.  Oops rocked.  It was delicious.  Altogether, too delicious.  Mmm.  Love the lovely wine.

But I mainly chose to write because I have something very simple to say/ask:  do people seriously love Rosie O’Donnell’s blog that much?  Because I have news for you: it sucks really hard.  Really, really, really hard.  IT SUCKS AND YOU CANNOT MAKE ME LIKE IT!!!!

So it’s particularly irksome to me to see that at the Blogger’s Choice Awards, not only is her horrible sham of a blog winning in the "Best Celebrity Blogger" category, but no one is allowed to nominate her for the category she truly deserves, which would be  "Most Obnoxious Blogger."  I mean, she’s beating out Neil Gaiman (even though he’s got all the emo kids voting for him) and Pam Beesley for crying out loud!  (do I have to bitchslap anyone for not watching "The Office"?)  This is horrible and it must be stopped because I’m pretty sure that Rosie is the AntiChrist or someone sent from above to perpetuate bad lesbian stereotypes.

Anyway.  Happy Mother’s day to all moms, and happy Sweating-Bullets-To-Get-It-Right day to all married men!!!!  Wheee!

(PS:  Please vote at the Blogger’s Choice Awards? I know it’s annoying that you have to sign up and all, but it’s really fun AND you can stop the horrid Rosie juggernaut dead on its tracks!  Isn’t that worthwhile?)

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