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Dreaming A Little Dream

Call it Humpday laziness, but I’m beginning to like having Wednesday as Crazy Hip Blog Mama Carnival Day: it releases the pressure of coming up with a topic for one day.  It’s a little like how I know that no matter what happens, Monday is Pasta Day and dinner is a no-brainer. 

There is a certain ease to knowing some things happen at certain times.

Today’s prompt is on Your Dream Job.

Oh boy.


I wrote a paragraph that included way too many italics and references to being a dashing lady of leisure.

I read it a couple of times and realized it sucked and it was unrealistic.  So I chucked it.  After all, it’s a dream job and not a weird Victorian dream that could pass for bad Masterpiece Theatre.

I want to write for a living and have people quote me and respect my work and think, "Wow, she is such a good writer and commentator on mores and rules and the social animal"

I don’t want to be hounded by paparazzi or sell out, but I do want to be invited to stuff like the Kennedy Honors and the Costume Institute gala (and I would never wear what Anne Heche wore that one year). 

I want to write for a few hours every day and produce pithy, important writings that grace the op-ed
pages or perhaps are collected into essays.  And when I write, I want to lift up my eyes and look at the beauty of a garden or at the vastness of an ocean.  Or both.  Yes.  Both: I could have more than one window in my writing room.  And sometimes I could even go out and write in coffeeshops, where people would recognize me but give me my space, because they would respect an artist at work. 

That all sounds good.

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming A Little Dream

  1. Well, you know I can definitely relate! Although I am the opposite…I’d like to write popular fiction of historical and paranormal romance. I definitely want to someday have a writing room, though….which will double as my home office. I agree, it would be nice to have one that overlooked the ocean and a garden!

  2. You know you already write beautiful pithy text every day. Though your work doesn’t appear on the op-ed pages, it could definitely be collected into a set of essays. And anyway who wants to be in the newspaper? That medium is falling away. As a blogger you are part of this century’s version of the salon. You are helping create a social history of this first decade of the new millenium. Op-ed pages? Who cares??
    So indeed you have your dream job already. You’re so lucky!

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