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Bloomin’ Earth Days, Mate!

Aaaaah.  Breathe the warm air in, folks, and happy belated Earth Day!

Another gorgeous spring day that feels more like summer.  Everyone comes out from their hiding place and feels like a kid again.  Yesterday’s lovely weather brought out he and she bears from all around the neighborhood and everyone’s heads were bobbing outside, doing projects and sunning themselves and grilling and cooking things that smelled delicious and planting plants and rejoicing in the beauty of early summer-feeling days. 

As a matter of fact, there could not have been a more appropriate way to celebrate Earth Day than to be witness to the outward expression of an entire metropolitan area’s inner gardner.  I’m not sure that everyone’s (including my) projects will take off and prosper, but it will certainly not be from lack of trying.  There was true dedication and love out there this weekend.  I even have the suspicion that some people skipped church expressly to tend to their gardens. 

Is it safe to say that they sold their souls to the garden elves?

Case in point: we needed to pick up some stuff for home projects yesterday, and I swung by the Home Depot’s gardening section and could not believe my eyes: people who could not tell the difference between the verbenaceae, the lamiaceae, and the candidaceae less than a week ago were actually on the verge of punching each other out over tomato cages, flagstone paving steps or more mulch.  MORE.  MUUUUUULCH.  NOOOOOOW.

Considering that I’ve seen the same little area of the store so quiet, barren, empty, dead and still that you could see the tumbleweeds a-rollin’ if you had the tiniest bit of imagination, yesterday’s scene was just one more reminder of the curious yet charming fact that in a place where the seasons make sure that things happen only at a certain time and NEVER AGAIN, you have to take advantage of the limited time give by Mother Nature.

Which is a weird concept, you know.  I like the fact that weather really behaves like a total diva around here, but it really seems to breed conformity.  Whatever happened to planting roses on September 28th or spreading poppy seeds at the end of summer?  When you’re dealing with frost, all bets are off and all you’re doing is asking to burn money if you dare defy the Order of Things.

Sometimes I really do miss California, despite the beauty that surrounds me.

Today, however, is not one of those days.  Suck it up with your FIFTY-FIVE STINKIN’ DEGREES, BITCHEZZZZ!!!

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