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I started writing about people from the past just now.

Several people I’ve known –and some I’d rather not remember– share today as a birthday.  It’s one of those kind of nonsensical, non-meaning kinds of things that somehow beg you to find meaning in them.  But since pretty much all those people are out of my life, today is more of just an amusing footnote rather than the full-blown girlish over-psychoanalysis of the past.

So, in honor of my emancipation from those thoughts and those influences –gone down the drain and forgotten in the paper-thin leaves of an old phonebook– I am here to wish you a happy Friday the 13th and a good night and an even better weekend.

And if you want to laugh, go to I Can Has Cheezburger? and vote for them in the Blogger’s choice awards!

Hella funny.

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2 thoughts on “Footnote.

  1. My brother and his daughter (my niece) share a December 13th birthday, and both were born on a Friday. Coincidence? Not if you knew these two troublemakers. 🙂

  2. Oh, and before I forget … you’ve been nominated.

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