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Weather Changes Moods

Ah… another frigid April morning.  It’s supposed to rain later today, but I’m not too bugged because along with rain, warmth is sure to follow.

I still cannot believe I was paranoid about the rain possibly bringing mosquitos along with it less than two elysian weeks ago.

Since I find myself in such a climatological (climacteric, even!) diatribe, I may as well reply to this week’s Carnival of the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas’ prompt, “I’m looking forward to Spring because….”


1. I’m looking forward to Spring because I have lately discovered that a true, all-in-bloom, sudden-giddiness-in–everyone, nothing-but-flowers SPRING is enough reason to believe that everyone is capable of good in this world.
2. I’m looking forward to Spring because I thought we were already in spring and I would like to put away my winter sweaters, please.
3. I’m looking forward to Spring because it’s fun to hang out at the park, even if one’s precious and beloved child ends up picking up some horrible viral disease that makes him have stinky diarrhea for six days.
4. I’m looking forward to Spring because this winter weather is dragging on for too long– and I’ve never felt more like an iguana, anxiously waiting for a little warm weather to bask outside (with proper sun protection and a fabulous hat which I will acquire at Hoopla traders and which has a wide brim and spells "floppy hat fabulousness").
5. I’m looking forward to Spring for the same reason EVERYONE wanted to know who Danielynn’s daddy was– because it’s there and it’s the zeitgeist du jour.


However, I can’t help but thinking this is kind of a silly and pointless reverie or sorts: spring IS here.  The fact is that just because something doesn’t fit our traditional idea of what it is supposed to be, it doesn’t make it any less so of what it already is.

Just because your life isn’t turning out to be the fifth-grade daydream where you’d have the perfect husband and two kids –boy/girl, natch– and would be living in an ample ranch-style all by the time you were twenty-six, it doesn’t mean it isn’t YOUR life.  Maybe your life doesn’t meet your expectations or those of tthe people close to you;  maybe it actually supersedes those expectations, leaving your old dreams behind in a trail of delicate petals because you are  that which you "souhaited" and so much more. 

Or maybe those daydreams were completely off-base because in fifth grade you didn’t know that the DINK life was the one for you and you couldn’t conceive of giving up your satisfaction for nine months of haywire hormones and dreams of metamorphosis; or you didn’t know that your perfect husband’s name was really Nora and that your child would be born in China and you’d really meet him three months after birth.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, it’s different altogether.

And that is just the way it is.  Just like this beautiful and crazy spring that began three weeks ago.

Three weeks ago.
If you’ve spent all this time waiting for spring, you may as well be waiting for Godot.

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5 thoughts on “Weather Changes Moods

  1. You are already in the 2k bloggers. Were you trying to change your pic or something? Email me if you want to change your pic. Otherwise, you’re already in the 2k bloggers (aka 2000 bloggers).

  2. I love spring for the changes in moods and landscape the weather brings about, as well.
    Just here via CHBM.

  3. Nothing beats Spring giddiness…

  4. I loved Spring on Capitol Hill. So pretty. Sigh.

  5. Got you through the carnival. 🙂
    Interesting reflections, I enjoyed it.
    We will be heading to DC for vacation in May with 3 youngins. I would love to hear some suggestions in the things-to-do category!

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