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Randomata: The “Numa Numa” Edition

Because if you haven’t caught THE BEST EARWORM in years, you need to do so.  Now.
It is so bad around here, we had to download the song.  Granted, this makes us late assclownish poseurs for joining in the fray so late (thank you, VH1).  But, c’mon…. can you really resist a Romanian pop song by a um…. very EuroDancePopErYeah-looking band?  Or a  geeky guy whose dancing and enjoyment of the song are just miles better than the original video?

Oh yes, by the way!  A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm! was quoted on the Express!  Whee!  That’s a nice anniversary pressie for the blog and for our arrival in DC.  I’m giddy!!

And finally…. I need to ask a small favor.  Would you vote for my friend Fabio’s pictures for a contest?  His are the last ones (and might I add, the coolest ones?).  Just go here, click on the radio button and click on "Votar"!  Thanks muchly!

One more thing: I am willing to bet money that Herr Meow is one of the few one-year olds who eats dolmades. I am frankly puzzled as to how an über-picky child goes ape-poop over stuffed grape leaves.  Anyone?

Happy weekend all!

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4 thoughts on “Randomata: The “Numa Numa” Edition

  1. I voted! Your friends photos are super cool.
    Isn’t it cool when kids eat weird things? My daughter (she’s 2) isn’t a huge fan of chicken nuggets but she will scarf down Indian food by the bucket full!

  2. They got my vote 🙂
    Hey, I liked jelly and butter sandwiches as a kid. What does that mean? I dunno. It means I was a weird kid.
    BTW, have you adjusted your layout here a bit? I don’t recall there being color on the side … or the blossoms up top there. Nice.
    One day I will find myself in DC and we will have to do lunch. I’m only in Balto.

  3. Rev.Mom on said:

    I love the cherry blossoms and the pink on the side!!!
    Congratulations on your being quoted by the Express!!! *Dances with pride*
    I also voted for Fabio’s.
    AND, thanks [NOT!] for the earworm. NUMA-EEEE *Dances a la geek*

  4. Thanks for the votes, you guys! And Ghosty, you’re on ;o)

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