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Warm And Not-So-Warm Thoughts

Eighty degrees.

This is a beautiful preview of how gorgeous it is around here in early to late spring, but it is also a bit unsettling.  Eighty degrees?  It snowed just only a week ago, I believe.

The breeze is warm and inviting.
The trees, pushing out their little fuzzy buds, look happy and sway in the gentle air.
Little chubby limbs flail around the playground, happy to be free from the bonds of thick clothes.



Bla bla bla.  You know what stirs my shit up badly?  Self-indulgence to the nth degree.

I love that this is Simon Cowell’s catchphrase of the season ("but that is SO self-indulgent!" usually when a performer picks a song with a lot of "aww!" factor but which displays no actual singing or idol-like ability in the performer whatsoever), because I find him to be a person who is overall not afraid of speaking the truth.  And while he is sometimes a rude bastard, it is always good to hear a dose of reality.  And the reality is that, while it may get you loads of attention at first, self-indulgent anything is not the way to go.

And so, to self-indulgence.  But what does it mean, you might ask.

Simple:  next time you hear someone going on and on fishing for compliments with an industrial-sized net * and without regard for dolphins, tell them plainly and to their faces:

"You are an attention whore."

And when you do it, always fake to the right unless the attention whore is left-handed, okay?

* Sample phrases include, "I’m the worst [insert blank here] ever" and "I don’t understand why you all love me so much."  Also in the mix, "You guys don’t have to do this but…" and my personal favorite, "I just don’t know why these things happen to me…" 

Think anything that makes people go, "Aww!  You sweetheart!  But you’re SO AWESOME!" and you got it.

Please, people: there are people out there with REAL problems, REAL depression and REALLY messed up lives.  Grow up, will you?


Pee Ess:  I think I should take my own advice sometimes.

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