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Femme Meme

Oooh!  I’ve been tagged by Valiens over at A Brain Like Mine!  This is especially good because between a snot-filled toddler and the minutiae of our stupid daylight saving anarchy, I’m rather marinated in self-pity to be productive.

And I simply MUST add the following dilemma about the boneheadedness that is Daylight Saving THREE WEEKS EARLY: how (oh, HOW??) is it energy efficient to have to flip on your lights IN THE MORNING WHEN IT’S PITCH BLACK OUTSIDE NOW????  I mean, it was just beginning to be light at a reasonable time, you know? (Check out the USNO site if you don’t know what I mean).  I can imagine evil Dr. Cheney (and Mr. Cheney?  Is it possible that both personalities are evil?) trolling about the USNO and hypnotizing them into thinking that switching the clocks in early March is a totally awesome idea and who cares about the early bird anyway?  If the early bird has sensitive information, our intelligence will target the bird and after confusing it into a deep coma, we’ll eat it for Thanksgiving!

6 am is perfectly reasonable.  7 am is not.  Most people wake up early to get to work early and that includes needing to see where they will stub their toe at 6:30 am.  ROAR.

Back to the meme:  five things that are awesome, thanks to feminism.  Hmm…

1. Being able to go on and on about dangerously close to nothing on this blog.  If we were in an oppressive patriarchal society, I don’t see that one happening.  I see me posting one irreverent thing about evil VP Cheney sitting in his little troll cave within the US Naval Observatory (a.k.a his evil den) and how he sucks for messing around with the clocks, and then I see me having dinner on my own at Guantanamo Bay.  Or worse.

2. Having choices, and I don’t just mean THE choice because I’m kind of not comfortable talking about that really.  I mean choices like choosing to wear high heels or low heels or short or long hair or hell, even choosing to wear a burqa if you really want to.  I don’t think that it’s necessarily bad to rock the full-length veil if YOU WANT TO– I mean, I think overplucked eyebrows are way worse, for instance, but you don’t see anyone crusading for women to stop plucking and have their eyebrow hairs be heard.  So yes.  Choice is a good thing.  And rocking a burqa –if that is what you want to do– is part of that choice.  And that is pretty cool.

3. Um…. women priests!  Who says that the word of God (who apparently was a white, bearded guy who was fond of dictation and very weird imagery) has to be interpreted and transmitted by a guy?  I mean…. if God were meant to only be handled by men, then the birth of Jesus would have read more as an early draft for "Junior" you know?

4. Men changing poopy diapers and strapping on the Baby Björn and strolling about and getting in touch with their domestic side– from doing light cooking to ironing, folding, and preparing the most delectably fluffy  chicken vol-au-vents.  That’s right– it’s about being equal, and there is no bigger equalizer than 1) shit and 2) domestic work. 

5. Retro knickers such as granny panties and boy briefs, and the gleeful return of the girdle, the frilly apron, and feminine dresses.  Because just because we’ve finally seemed to understand that we’re equal, it doesn’t mean that we have to be ugly or uncomfortable (with a nasty string jammed up our asses to feel "sexy").  And don’t you come whining and telling me that g-strings are the most comfortable things you’ve ever worn because I won’t believe you.  I HAVE worn them and I will freely admit that you do forget that they are there– but for the sake of argument, you also "forget" that hep-locks are there once you get used to them.

So there you have it: five for feminism.  I am now supposed to tag five feisty females to offer their takes.  Here it goes:

E 🙂

…and a fifth feisty feminista who wants to link up :o)

Happy Monday, and a happy springy feeling in the air to all!

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2 thoughts on “Femme Meme

  1. Vixen on said:

    I’ll toss in my ideas for awesomeness.
    1) Reading and it’s mate writing. Do you realize that just 200 years ago it was considered unladylike to read, even the Bible was read by men to women and bedtime stories were transferred orally. Even 100 years ago it was not widespread for women to read and write unless they were teachers. I think I would go crazy if I couldn’t read and write.
    2) Pants! Although it’s great to dress up once in a while, the fact that I can wear pants, especially considering the job I do, is a wonderful thing.
    3) The expanded job market. It’s great to see women in traditionally male jobs although there are limits to what women can expect to get into (female guards at an all-male prison is a bad idea but female guards at an all-female prison is good). Now if we can get some smart and capable women running the governments we might actually get a chance to make this world a great place for everyone.
    4) Being able to say no to a man’s offer of marriage and not be resigned to the life of an old maid. For that matter having the right to say no to sexual advances and expecting to be treated with respect.
    5) Following on that, having the right to end an abusive relationship because no woman or man is lesser than any other person and no one deserves to be treated as the personal punching bag of a bully.
    Now on the down side, the confusion men have over what is and is not acceptable in attitudes has caused a loss in courtesy that is sorrowful to behold. Some overly fanatical feminist women need to realize that being treated with courtesy is not the same as being treated with condescendation or patronization so that we can return to being courteous, civilized beings.

  2. Greetings. I am pro-feminism, too. So much has changed since I was a teenager in the 60’s – and – so much has yet to change.
    We’re neighbors? Let’s get a cup of coffee sometime. Email? reyasdottir@verizon.net

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