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I Know. You Didn’t Really Ask.

Whee!  I got tagged by Deonn!  Go read her blog.  She is funny.

Without further ado:

Five things you may not know about me:

(Aside:  Considering that this is a blog all about me, pretty much, I am finding it difficult zeroing in on five things that may not be too mundane, or things that I offer up here all the time.  Anyway…. on with the show.)

1. I don’t like beets.  There is something wrong with them– as if the color did not match the consistency.  The only time I ever ate and liked beets was during pregnancy, but pregnancy WAS a weird time in my life.

2. I have an irrational fear of bridges– specifically those that happen to be foot bridges and span over a highway.  Just thinking about it is giving me the mouth-wateriness feeling that comes with nausea.

3. I really love math but I don’t think I’m very good at it.  I like thinking logically but lack the clarity of thought necessary for preventing me from making stupid mistakes.

4.  I love asking people’s birthsigns and then wordlessly ascribing certain behavioral traits to the fact that they were born on, say, April 23rd or July 16th.  It doesn’t really matter what you do: I WILL peg you under your sun sign.  I know it’s hokey, but I find it kind of fun.

5. I like cheap chocolate better than the swanky type.  I also love white bread but don’t eat it unless in hamburger buns –I still have this weird thought that eating white bread will constipate me (which, really, it probably might if it were all I ate).

6. (<—bonus!  Ain’tcha lucky?)  I think that you don’t really know a person… or rather, you can’t truly be fully intimate with someone until you can discuss bowel movements without a) apologizing or b) giggling nervously and then changing the subject.  Poop is essential to our survival, and it’s also a wonderful topic, full of imagery and pithiness.  I am totally serious here. 
Of course, poop is still incredibly hilarious and everyone should make at least one poop joke daily.  Or fart and laugh internally.  Because people… farting is one of the best sensations in the world– one which can bring a tear to your eye and not just from the smell.


I am now tagging five people.  I want to read your answers, so please be kind and reply. :o)

K, comebacknikkiGhosty, SoloMother, and E:)

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4 thoughts on “I Know. You Didn’t Really Ask.

  1. I accept the challenge. And on the subject of poop, I wholeheartedly agree. I think you become accepting of bowel movements if you either have your own children or have spent a whole lot of time around children.

  2. OK I did it. Just so you know, some of my readers are going to freak.

  3. OK, Lady. I’ll write these up and post them tonight. LOL hrm. I’ve got some you definitely don’t know about me, and some you’ll only learn over a cuppa… preferably that lovely Mexican coffee.

  4. Capricorn. Leo rising. ;}

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