A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

It Was a Hoot

Herr Meow (pointing down at the owl on his sweater): Dat? Dat?

Monsieur Meow:  That is an owl.  Owl.  Owl.  Owls go "hoot, hoot!"

Madame Meow: Owl is "búho."  Búho.

Herr Meow: Owww.  Owww. Boo.  (keeps happily pointing down at his shirt)

Monsieur Meow: Owls are actually very dumb and not smart at all.  Their eyes are big so they can see at night, and therefore their brain is tiny.  And they can eat skunks, because their sense of smell is not very good either– you know, because their brains are very, very small.

Madame Meow: Maybe Britney should marry an owl, then.

Monsieur Meow: (chuckles) Good one, sweetheart!

Herr Meow: Goo?*


(*Good Lord, why am I here???)

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