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This Is NOT a Snow Job!

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Yay!!!!, originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

This might not mean much if you’re in Colorado or Utah or definitely Canada, but I would like to think this is our Art-Buchwald-Watching-Us-From-Above miracle!!!

Snow in DC is as rare, relatively speaking, as a politician who can keep to his morals.

Okay… lots of snow. This is not lots of snow, but still. SNOW! YAY!

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4 thoughts on “This Is NOT a Snow Job!

  1. Oh, it’s not *that* rare! 😉

  2. such a pretty picture! not fun being out on the road though…but still pretty outside!

  3. Cristina on said:

    How does the kitten like the snow?

  4. Thanks Carrie!
    And he LOVED the snow– does your little guy love it too? Did you guys go outside?

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