A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Bane and Blessing

Day 5, 360 to go. 

Today, I have experienced an attack of cleaning bulimia: binged on cleaning products to the nth degree, only to spew all kinds of things that I should have sent off to the Salvation Army months before.  No, not months: some definitely should have gone years ago.  They should not have moved from California to Hawaii and now to DC.  They should not have moved with me, anyway.

Anyone else in this predicament –where you are kind of both fascinated and ashamed by the bounty you didn’t even know you had in your drawers?  Where you find yourself face to face with things you’ve been hoarding for some unknown yet irrationally important reason; and when that reason evaporates you suddenly realize –as coldly as falling out of infatuation– that those things were, in fact, very silly junk.

But as with everything, one man’s bane is another man’s blessing.  And so, to the Salvation Army.


Next time you think about those little palaces of stale and second-hand, the Salvation Army and Goodwill, think this: exactly who is the recipient of the salvation and the good will?

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