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For The Nit-Pick Who Has Everything…

A few days ago –in the photoblog entry— there was a tiny bit of controversy regarding an often-overlooked bit of grammar savvy: how to use less and fewer correctly.

(Minor digression: have I ever mentioned I’m a little OCD?  I have a hard time letting go of stuff, especially when I fear I’m wrong.  As in, I am not writing "I fear I’m wrong" as a quaint little euphemism smacking of circa 1907: I very literally get the case of woozy head, sweaty palms and thumping chest.  I still get PTSD flashbacks of a lesson I didn’t really quite prepare when I was a high school teacher –and which, although it was a beautiful piece of bullshit, had some glaring mistakes and omissions and which came back to bite me in the butt, big time. Digression over.)

So anyway– when the whole fewer/less bit came up, I spent some time researching stuff on gaffes, typos, errors and other slip-ups; my quest was also partially fueled by every … erm…. ahem…. is "asswipish dorkwad" too strong a term for ALL THE PEOPLE who accidentally find this site when misspelling "does"?  I am not kidding when I say that I get at least one hit per day from someone who wanted to know, "DOSE + BRITNEY + WHERE (sic) + THONGS"  or  "DOSE + ALOT (sic) + OF + SARCASIM (sic) + MEAN + YOUR (sic) + STUPID."

(Answers: Apparently not often enough; and, that’s what I hear)

(Aside: Yes, I have gotten these search strings as referrers.)

(Another digression: NEVER misspell "misspell" when picking a fight about
spelling and/or grammar, because some bitchy person –possibly from
Wisconsin– will make you feel like the biggest boob EVER when she points out that your point is invalid on account of something that was a freaking TYPO, you stupid COW!)

But nothing prepared me for finding this site, which I am happily sharing with you today as a Kwanzaa present.  Ready, folks? Get your Ctrl+D or Apple+D fingies ready, otay?


The site is so popular it even inspired a book by Paul Brians (the professor who started it) called "Common Errors In English," and which you can get your nit-picky little paws on by clicking on the title (I’ve thoughtfully linked you).

I’m also sharing a few highlights, just because I love you:

awhile/a while (with a *chapeau* to Rev. Mom)
very unique (with a smooch to M. Meow)

You should also visit the Non-Errors page.  Very interesting things there!

Enjoy your last days of 2006, in a grammatically- and syntactically-more-correct fashion!  Do I smell resolution material for us all?

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One thought on “For The Nit-Pick Who Has Everything…

  1. Oh man, you are now my personal hero. I am always pointing out to people that something can’t be “very” unique–if it’s one of a kind, then by definition there’s nothing else you can compare it with!

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