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And This Is No Jive, Turkeys

Later today, when the Monsieur , Baby Herr Meow and I sit down and eat turkey in orange butter sauce, white-wine-soaked stuffing, fried yams dripping in sugar and Grand Marnier, crisp green beans with garlic and tomato, creamy cole slaw, homemade cranberry jelly, homemade bread, architecturally-significant chocolate cake, mincemeat pie, pumpkin pie and drink some more wine….  I will toast you, my Internet readers and friends and count you among my blessings.  To my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!  And to the rest-of-the-world folks, I give thanks for knowing you, even virtually.

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2 thoughts on “And This Is No Jive, Turkeys

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    This is a: tea is in the post, post! 😉

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! (A few days belated…)
    BTW, we have good news — if all goes well, we will be adopting a baby in January!! 🙂 (Keep your fingers crossed!!)

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