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It’s Not A Marriage, Not Yet A Divorce

I have to interrupt this ho-hummish kinda day to express my shock and sorrow at the fact that BRITNEY HAS JUST FILED FOR DIVORCE FROM KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should anyone in God’s green earth should be surprised whatsoever? I think their marriage lasted two years too many. I’m sure we’ll get to see all the interviews, the gossip rags and all the juicy aftermath –complete with revelations that my six-year old nephew could have told you in his sleep– about just EXACTLY WHY the divorce just HAD to happen and why it is SO SAD and OMG.

And there might even be a shot of a tearful BritBrit when asked, “What about the children?”

Or perhaps a mature and thoughtful-looking Kevin saying that he just loves those little guys and will fight for them or some other maudlin sentiment.

There really isn’t much to say about them that they themselves haven’t revealed through the trainwreck that was “Chaotic” –their courtship– and every single tawdry snippet thereafter: from the dirty gas station feet to the late-night partying to the other two babies and the baby mama drama to the chicken fingers at the wedding to the elective cesarean to the kaballah poseuring to the country driving to oh-you-get-the-point.

But will we keep watching?

Oh please. I know you know better than that.

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