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Ghouling It Up

Today, All Hallows’ Eve, is not very Halloweenie-feeling. For one, it’s warmer than it’s been. And oh…. I dunno. Definitely October 13th was spookier for me, for real reasons. Then again, last Halloween was even warmer than today –just by default– and there was still the spooky in the air, Da Kine style. I think that as the day goes on, I shall get into the swing of things.


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. There is no present or gift-giving obligations or awkwardness; no smothering family members with weird “we-have-to-be-a-family-even-though-my-parents-divorced-years-ago-and-I-don’t-really-like-anyone-but-myself-anyway” issues; no extensive hours of cooking and preparation and one-upsmanship because ham is better than turkey which cannot hold a light to Cornish game hens and I made the dressing from scratch; no card-exchanging and taunting and feelings of doom for the discriminatory overtones hidden among the red, pink and white decorations; and DEFINITELY there is no eggnog-impaired uncle trying to force anyone to kiss under the mistletoe.

And while there are religious overtones, most people can agree that Halloween is about two things:

1. Dressing up


2. Candy

And that is what a holiday should truly be about. The only improvement? Scads of alcohol, perhaps, but candy is just a-OK!


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2 thoughts on “Ghouling It Up

  1. Make sure you take your little guy (and big guy!) over to East Capitol Street tonight, if you haven’t been before! They do an *amazing* job up there, with haunted houses, big displays in yards, etc. It rocks! 🙂 (Particularly in the 300-800 blocks, I think.)
    Unfortunately, I won’t be there myself until much later — I have a choir rehearsal. 😦 (Grumble, grumble, grumble…)
    Have fun!

  2. I looooove Halloween, too! 🙂
    Happy Halloween!!!

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