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Shameless Pandering/Fall!

Hello To My Shadow
Originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

Alright. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of my kid in his late fall finery. It’s been incredibly cold around here for this time of year, I’m told, but that has not deterred Herr Meow from toddling around the park whilst trying to remove his hat, preferably.

I didn’t know a “real” fall was so much fun, seriously. And really, even more fun when you have a rosy-cheeked munchkin to see it all for the first time, as well.

But I seriously gotta ask– did Steve Austin EVER get mistakened for a woman because he wore a RED tracksuit? For that matter, did anyone think that Jamie Sommers –blonde ponytail swishing in the wind as she leapt— was a guy because she wore the BLUE tracksuit?

People, I understand that it’s sometimes hard to tell the sex with babies– especially the younger ones. It’s kind of a gamble. But I thought red was a safe color: a color that would be in tune with my son’s Martial tendencies: a little Ares, gearing up for war, conquest, bloodlust, and the chewing of jungle gym equipment.


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One thought on “Shameless Pandering/Fall!

  1. Herr Meow is such a little boy. No girl about him! Even at his age it’s easy to tell he is a handsome young man! Dumbasses…

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