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Membership Declined

Sometimes it’s hard to know how it comes by, or how it’s triggered but you just cannot seem to stop the gushing forth of a sadness that seems to have no bottom and no real reason for existing. Or maybe it does.


I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter where I go or what I do, I am always going to be the outsider looking in. It seems to be a trait coded into my DNA, not unlike my almond-shaped eyes or my unruly hair.

Most of the time I’m quite okay with that role: I like solitude. I enjoy silence. I enjoy laughing at people who don’t know how to count properly(fyi: if you’re turning 30, you’re going on three decades on this earth, not two); I relish typos; I like unflattering celebrity photographs; I delight in gossip and harbor a token sad feeling for those talked-about before purchasing my next copy of Star Magazine.

But I know deep inside that I’ll never be talked about, other than as the peculiar person who stands outside. Maybe those in the inside looking out might find me interesting or intriguing; a couple will be kind enough to open the door and perhaps even chat. Most, however, are far too pleased with their own selves to take notice of the weird lurker who’s not even party to their banality.

Once the door is opened, I tend to linger around the vestibule and somehow the party moves to another house.

Once again, outside. Looking in to another venue.

Then again, I think Groucho Marx said it best:


I hate my husband’s business trips.

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4 thoughts on “Membership Declined

  1. I feel like that too. I think we all do in one way or another, except for those who are totally egotistical. Hope your husband has a safe trip.

  2. Holy cow! Having now met you in person, I can’t imagine you being an outsider anywhere. 🙂 You’re a member in my club, baby! (Sorry I haven’t written — insanely busy!!)

  3. Maybe you’re the insider looking in?

  4. Oh dear old friend,
    I know you have always felt that way … but I think that’s par for the course for us old drama geeks. Heehee
    Don’t feel too sad about it … in case of a fire, it’s much easier to get away when you’re on the outside! heehee
    OK, lame joke. But, I made it up myself! 🙂
    I think you the whole outside-inside thing it more about people who think deeply and those who don’t. I often feel like I cause myself undue stress by thinking too much … I often feel like I am on the outside looking in. Ho hum.
    Wish we could go have lunch and reconnect.

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