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Flavor of Dork

And we’re back.

I’m just sitting here quietly, trying to type in a way so as not to disrupt the baby, but all the while thinking about the ending of Flavor of Love. I was aware that its precarious placement at 10 pm would mean that I’d probably fall asleep before it was over.

I wanted Delicious (<—never thought this would be the case but… sp?) to win. New York is an annoying loser with a major mental illness. And no, New York– when you're shacked up on reality television, knowingly sharing a guy with like 12 other girls, you are NOT entitled to be jealous. That's why you're there, after all: to share that guy. If you don't like it, try Match.com.

So. 10 pm rolls around.

I watched half of it.

Then I passed out. Cold.

Then, when the baby decided that he’d had enough of the crib and came to gate-crash in our bed (one of those nights….) I kept inwardly whining about having missed it. So of course I had to turn to the internet for relief.

Seriously, though…. what is WRONG with me? The show is possibly the poorest and tackiest excuse for a show EVER. And yet…. and yet…

… and yet I’m relieved to see that there are people even more into it than I am (to say something nice): thanks to the Unofficial Flavor of Love blog I can tell you that Flavor Flav is dumb.

Dumb like a fox, that is. Rock on, Deelishis! (<–sp????)

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