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Holy shhhhhnikeys.

So once again we meet, Evil And Dreaded Yet Totally Cool And Potentially Awesome Thing To Do In November.

I know at least TWO of my dear audience will be doing it. The question is,


God, honestly…. I have no idea. I’m sure The Vixen (happy Thanksgiving!!!) and Ms. Vagabond will. I don’t want to be all half-empty, but…. WAAAAAAAAAH!

Honoring Christopher Columbus today and keeping it simple, peeps. I shall be back.

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One thought on “Nanowrimooooooholyfzzuck!

  1. Unfortunately, due to my intense need to study, I don’t have time for NaNoWriMo this year. Perhaps next year though.
    This would be the perfect year for you to write “The Meowster’s First Year Diary” 🙂

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