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Shoo, Shoe! And Boo!

I chase after a 9-and-a-half month old every day. We walk to the park and to the store and we go up endless flights of stairs, over and over again, just because we can.

So of course it makes complete and total sense that I should be lusting after impossibly high-heeled shoes, right?



But these aren’t just some anonymous heels, you know?

I admit it freely: it was a horrible mistake to go to Foggy Bottom to scout out the new Trader Joe’s location. And it was an even bigger mistake to keep walking up Pennsylvania, moving dangerously northwest toward that chic shopping mecca that is Georgetown. But the biggest mistake of all was possibly to have succumbed to the temptation of entering Hu’s Shoes and trying on a pair of shoes that even visited me in dreams last night.

Oh, dear people…. you have no idea how big a mistake it was to ever lay eyes on these beauties:

I mean…. look at them!!!

The gorgeous wooden heel; the amazing green embroidery; the buttery, tan leather– they are ALL staring back at me and pleading, “awww, come ON! You know you SO want us on your feet! What’s $315 amongst friends, huh?”

That’s right: those beauties are $315.

It was bad enough when I fell in love — along with every other little Hollywood floozy– with Christian Louboutins and longed to have the shoes with the red soles because they were just SOOOO hip. I chalk that up to the whole celebrity worship bit.

But these Chie Mihara shoes…. oh man. Get this: they are COMFORTABLE. Too! I mean, not only are they gorgeous and beautiful and OOOH! but they also cushion your feet and cradle them. I didn’t know it was possible to be a shoe stalker, but I think this is the direction I’m headed.


I need to stop this insanity and instead share a little meme borrowed from comebacknikki.

“If I were designing a [my blog title/pseud here] Halloween costume, it would consist of…”
[Rule: Try to choose something representative rather than your most stylish/most interesting/most h.o.t. outfit].”

So okay. If I were designing a Madame Meow Halloween costume, it would consist of the following:

* A soft yet stylish silk-screened t-shirt with a conspicuous-looking stain that could have curious passers-by exclaim, “Maybe it’s breastmilk; maybe it’s spit-up; maybe it’s kanji; maybe it’s a flower; or maybe it’s Maybelline.”

* Black skinny pants, like cigarette pants perhaps, but with elastic somewhere because I gotta be able to move. On upper left pantleg would be a faint design, etched in Ritz cracker. A squeaky toy ought to be dangling from a pocket, perhaps.

* Hair back in a ponytail, with lots of flyaways and….. Cat ears on top of my head! Yay!

* A black cashmere cardigan for when it gets cold. (no reason, really– just love cashmere).

* Fabulous shoes: I’m feeling the ones up there, but they wouldn’t match, really, and I can’t run in them. I’m thinking a pair of Chinese Mary-Janes.

* Very dark nail polish to match my heart– I’m thinking the always-classic Vamp here (I keep a bottle in the fridge). Alas, it would need to be badly chipped to keep in the theme, which is part of the reason I usually don’t wear it often in the first place.

* An acid-green pen, tucked behind my right ear and a couple of gossip rags under my arm. Cell phone tenuously grasped on my right hand. Baby in hippieish sling, squirming.

* A frilly 50s apron around my waist.

* And finally, cat-eyed horn-rimmed glasses with rhinestones on the tips.

Ta-da! Now I shall dress up and baffle someone.

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2 thoughts on “Shoo, Shoe! And Boo!

  1. OOOOOO – the shoes are georgous!! screw the baby’s college fund! You NEED those shoes!

  2. Those shoes are so bloody gorgeous!!!! I WANT!!!

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