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Six Degrees of Neurosis

Does anyone else secretly LOVE Tyra Banks and the way she takes herself super seriously?

I confess– I do.

I just love the way you can almost see her thinking “Look serious! Look serious! Look serious!”

Plus, her shows are doing well. And she’s always had a stunning rack: what more could you ask for?

I’m thinking about adopting her as my celebrity. Maybe. I ran into this site — adopt-a-celeb— and I’ve been thinking about this a little too long, but it’s because adopting a celebrity would be a very strong committment and a definite statement about who I am.

So I’ve been thinking about adopting Juanes –partly because Rev. Mom thinks I should, and partly because he deserves a better home at this point, IMO. And in the list are a couple of footballers– mostly Cristiano Ronaldo because…. LOOK AT HIM! He is so incredibly hot, it should be illegal to be that good looking and twenty-one. Arg!

I’ve also been thinking about Zidane (who’s also quite purrable and NOT OLD), mostly because Herr Meow really seems to like him. I am not making this up– he seems to bop and goo and gurgle whenever Zidane does his excellent dribbling and freaky leg-show thingy (incidentally….. I’ve heard of BFFs and all, but was anyone else kinda wishing Zidane and Figo got a room? Just wondering… I also realize that soccer is kinda not too big in the US. Oh well. Shutting trap).

Of course, the problem with the footballer crush is that you get all hyped up and swooning and promise yourself you’ll watch LOADS of soccer for the next four years but then you never do and four years later you’re like, “OMG, he looks SO OLD! What did I ever SEE in him?” Or worse… he comes back as coach.

And you start feeling all old and UGH and you remember that you’ll soon be THIRTY and nobody loves you and you won’t be in your twenties anymore and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Holy shnikeys. The need-to-get-a-life police needs to make an arrest, and pronto.

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