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Mini-Randomata, World Cup Edition

Between the ASSHOLIEST game in the history of soccer– that would be the bloodbath that turned out to be the Portugal-Netherlands game– and the wee-Todd-did game that was the Switzerland-Ukraine game, this is turning out to be one interesting World Cup.

Incidentally, I was starting to hope that the Switzerland-Ukraine game would get some sort of Biblical-proportions rain and just flood them out, carrying both national teams into oblivion. Because. We. DO. NOT. FUCKING. CARE. ABOUT-YOU-PEOPLE!

Nope. Not scoring in over 120 minutes makes you totally lame.

And Switzerland….. dude.

Your guys missed ALL their penalty kicks. All of them. All.

That’s so depressing, it’s a good thing that you people have tons of chocolate and cheese. Go eat to cheer yourselves up.


It should have rained over there like it’s been raining around here.


This is not rain– this is like God’s freaky light-show/revenge/evil humidity circus extravaganza.


Yup. This is short. More later. I’m still just kinda happy I get to have my inty-net back.

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