A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Paul Simon Had It Right

I’m a blubbering fool.
I’ve been hit by the biggest wave of pregnancy and new baby nostalgia ever, this side of the Mississippi.
It could be the fact that almost six months ago, my life changed ever so dramatically, and it has not stopped since.
It could be that I just saw a friend’s slide show of her baby’s first days that made me so happy teary-eyed that I’m clinging onto this good ache and treasuring it for all it’s worth.
It could be that I’ve been re-reading a book by Jane Green called "Babyville" –naturally, about women my age having babies, and which I’d read when I was sweating it up while barefoot and pregnant, oh-so-many miles away from here.  And so many light-years away from where I find myself, cozily looking out a western-facing window onto a picturesque alleyway and not being able to count high enough to thank all the lucky stars that I must indeed have to have finally secured a house and have before me as the utmost of my concerns the proper placement of the towels in the linen closet….
…or where the best, ahem, *free* WiFi spot is in the house.
So far, it seems our bedroom wins, because the living room and kitchen were not so hot.  Oh, funny, funny pun.
It could be seeing my home, slowly coming alive like a butterfly emerging out of a cardboard coccoon and eliciting memories I didn’t even know I had. 
My house.  It’s here and it’s alive.  No more moving for a long while.  I’m done with living like a wandering nomad.  I’m done with hotels, and small rooms, and portable cribs and wondering exactly where the laundry is.
MY HOUSE.  I’m in my house. And I can finally rest– a little.
The Meow sleepeth peacefully.
The sirens blare, as they always do;  DC is a city of sirens.
The sun shines through the crystals hanging from the window lock, casting rainbows on my hand.
The alley is peaceful and empty.
Christ……. I think I’m at peace.
All we need now is for Taylor (SOUL PATROL!!!!!!) to be our next American Idol, and this can officially be called one of the BEST.  DAYS.  EVER.
*sigh* and Amen.

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