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Search and ye may not exactly find…..

Dear “do breast sag even if not nursing” querent:

You can thank your mother for having boobs that look like socks with rocks, dear. Or you could even thank your paternal grandmother (or grandfather, if he has man-boobies): all I’m saying is that *someone* in your gene pool is responsible for your sag. Trust me. If your boobs want to defy gravity, they will whether you gain or lose weight, and they will whether you’ve had an infant suckle at them for a year or just for a few seconds after you delivered and you had a good nurse who insisted that you give your baby some colostrum at least.

Breastfeeding won’t make you sag. And certainly you cannot blame breastfeeding for the sag if you were already saggy to begin with, capisce?

I thought so.

You know, little lady, if you keep asking daft questions… I have a cousin who works in construction.

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