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This Blog’s Solar Return

A year ago my life was relatively unencumbered– and simple.

This little happy blog was my free-trial cozy niche in the internet maelstrom.

A year ago I was less than one month pregnant.

A year ago we didn’t know if it would be Carrie or Bo.  Or Constantine, even.

A year ago we’d only been at war for two long, somewhat pointless years, as opposed to three definitely pointless years.

A year ago I was spending my days whiling away in the Polynesian swelter, clinging on to the delicious promise of the air conditoner that we’d soon have installed in our living room- both of whom now belong to someone else.

A year ago the cold that now envelops me seemed as distant as the child my husband has happily draped over his shoulder.

A year ago I didn’t have some of the lovely friends in the computer with whom I look forward to talking and whose blogs I enjoy reading on a near-daily basis.

A year ago Zen Sarcasm was just a witty entry on a sterile field.

Today, Zen Sarcasm is my little home in the lovely seas of cheese that is the internet.

Happy birthday, my beloved little niche.  May you be my niche for many years to come!


P.S.–Happy birthday, Rude Red!  I miss you already!!!

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One thought on “This Blog’s Solar Return

  1. Yay! Happy blog-o-birthday! 🙂

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