A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a blog entry but somehow I’m just not inspired.

You’d think that when you’re happy and relaxed you’d feel inspired. My mind is normally racing and thinking of things I could write about, but ever since we’ve been in California– blank.

Not that there isn’t much to write– we’ve been seeing beautiful places and visiting with people. We’ve had colorful dinner companions and things that have made us go, “W T F F?” (that’s “What the Fuckity Fuck” to you peeps). And Herr Meow regaled us with his first giggle today– he really is just too much fun, actually. He’s cooing and gooing and talking up a storm all the time, and it’s incredibly fun to just let him do his thing and listen– and talk back as well. He’s also quite the grabber. My hair is no longer safe and shall be cut sometime soon. And last but not least, he’s become quite the ladies’ man. He simply loves to flirt and be told how handsome he is and how delectable his roly poly physique truly is.

And yet, I have little to talk about.

Except that I will say that I think I’m in denial about the move.

And I am mildly sleep deprived even if a certain someone sleeps through the night.

And I don’t want to leave this area.

And that’s about it.

My knight in drooling armor calleth. I away forthwith.

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