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Five Weird Things Meme

I went to check up on comebacknikki and I have self-tagged. Behold, five weird things about me:

1. I like to wake up and place my right foot on the ground first, before the left. It isn’t earth-shattering if I don’t end up doing it, but I make a conscious effort to do so.

2. I like the inspid and wafery-thin cake cones far more than either sugar cones or waffle cones. Yum!

3. People often ask me if I’m half Japanese, even though I have naturally curly hair and very pale skin with moles/freckles.

4. I always wanted to learn how to play the drums. Whenever I’d be dragged to piano lessons, I’d fantasize about being allowed to take drumming lessons instead.

5. I can sit down for hours and either read a dictionary or seek entries on answers.com

I realize I’m not so much weird as nerdy, but I suppose that’s my particular flavor. And now that I have mentioned cake cones (why DO they call the most flavorless cone by the yummiest name anyway?) I really want one. Wah

More later, as usual

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One thought on “Five Weird Things Meme

  1. Mr Meme on said:

    interesting… but let’s not compare notes. It’s just no fun to read about my morning habit of foot-fishing for flip-flops, coughing like crazy, and swearing off cigarettes once and for all (it’s good to start you day with laughter). oops. *cough*
    And speaking of which, i read some diesel sweeties today, and i’m very jealous. which is good, because jealousy is probably my most effective motivator. I wrote around 12 new strips today. Comix shortly.
    The point: nerdy is better than not nerdy. Not-nerds are more insipid than cake cones.

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