A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Lookin’ For a Few Gamblin’ People!

Unless you’ve never read this blog or are, sadly, brain-dead if you ARE a frequent reader….. you know I will be having a baby, due on Pearl Harbor day (that’s December 7th, you hear?).

Now…. guesses come and go, but I really love the idea of collecting them in a place and seeing whose intuition was most right! So please give it a go and guess my little Baby Meowster’s birth statistics (including naughty parts)!!!! Yes, you have to do a quick register, but it will be fun!

And I just might send you something special if you hit it on the nail ;o) How’s that for an incentive?

So here is the link: Expect.net’s game!

Once you’ve clicked, please enter “MeoWager” on the left. I know. I am terribly clever!

Happy guessing!!!!!!!

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