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Happy September!

Wow…. already this year is way more than halfway through. In fact, it’s so halfway through it’s safe to say it’s closer to three-quarters done. That is a very odd thought.

There is much going on, in my microcosm and elsewhere. I don’t quite know where to start, so this looks like it will be another one of those numbered posts wherein I attempt to make peace with the contents of my mind.

Septemberism #1: Becca

I cannot imagine what Becca and her family must be going through, but all I can say is that I urge you to stop by and show them some support. Their little newborn baby, Addie, is so precious.

Septemberism #2: My Spoil-a-Blogger person does not wuv me :o(

It’s September first, and I have neither received a hello nor loot. Where is the love???

Septemberism#3: Katrina

Several thoughts on this one, really. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to see your entire city/town/hamlet/area turned into a big massive lake– I hope I never get to find out. The scenes from the South are totally heartwrenching. But the overall media coverage? Totally biased– hello? Mississippi and Alabama flooded too, you know. Not just New Orleans, though they do have it pretty bad.
As for the people who insisted on staying despite the evacuation orders, to have to start waving white towels a couple of days later in order to be rescued…… I honestly have very little sympathy for you, people. I can only hope you eventually make it out of there.
As for the true looters– stealing appliances and guns so they can make a killing later (pun intended): you people disgust me. May someone have mercy on your souls, because I’m plumb out of it. How dare you.

Septemberism #4: Appropriately, MY BIRTHDAY is coming on the 4th. Oh dear lord…… I am not ready for one-less-than-thirty.

Septemberism #5: Britney Spears’s “fear of the pain of childbirth”

I don’t think I’ve spewed enough vitriol on Britney Spears –mostly because I don’t care enough to do so, and also because, eh, well…. there’s the whole “aww she’s preggers too” thing. But this drove me over the edge and I will have no mercy. Click here to read. I will give you a second or two to digest the news.


Ah…. believe me, I feel much better right after having typed that.
Then again, she wouldn’t be the first. Hollywood and entertainment types like caesarean sections because there is no danger of looking puffy post-partum or taking a fat dump in the L&D room or –God forbid– doing all the effort yourself.
No siree.
You just get numbed, strap yourself to the operating table, and voilà! Presto baby! (or should I say… “Preston, baby….. London Preston?” (*le cringe*)
And you even get to pick the due date!

Ugh. C-sections when you don’t need them are so… so…. so…..

I just can’t say that enough times. RRRARRRRRRGH!

“I don’t want to use my vagina for it’s intended purpose –however horrid it may sound to me. I think that I’ll have my adbomen cut up instead! Yay!”

I had better stop before the blog gets tinged with black, black bile.

Septemberism #6: I want to see The 40-Year Old Virgin. For some reason, this movie really appeals to me, and I think that this is the appropriate vehicle to showcase how funny Steve Carrell can really be. Even the promotional poster makes me happy, and gives me kind of a tender feeling for an innocence that few still possess.

I know. I’m a nut.

Okay. Baby is kicking up a storm so I’d better go jostle things around a bit. Things haven’t been the same intrauterinely speaking since I felt the Meowster’s first hiccups on Monday morning. It’s like a party in there nowadays.

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2 thoughts on “Happy September!

  1. As is my wont, I’m here to register my unsolicited opinion. Don’t worry: I have enough sympathy for the people who say “damn the torpedoes” and refuse to leave the small hole they’ve carved out in this world. If I were poor, southern, and uneducated, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. I can understand your point of view, but now’s not really the time to register objections, I feel. Maybe when things dry off a bit.
    And watch out. I’m a McDuff, and rather glad that I’ve never come into contact with my mother’s nether regions.
    Hm… about 24 hours until your birthday… so, um, happy Birthday, just in case. Have an ASCII Squirrel.
    fftt KKGGKKffttffLLKKGGLL##KKii
    ……ffjjii iiEEGGLLffffiijjjjttLLffGG
    ;;ffiiiiiiffjj;; jjffDDGGjjttjjttLLffttGGii
    ..ttLLGG.. ..tt ;;..;;EEGGGG..
    tt LLLL;;.. .. ..;;jjKK;;
    tt..ttttii.. .. .. ttttDD
    ff;;tt……;; ;; .. iiffLL
    ..GGii;;;;;;.. ttjj;; ..;;ttii..
    ;;tt..;;ii ii ii .. ;;;;ii
    ffffffLLffiiii;;.. ii ..iittff
    ..KKWWtt;;;;.. ….iijj;;
    ..GG..tt;; ..;;iiLL;;
    jjffii;; .. ;;..KK
    ;;iiLLii ;;..;;iiGG
    ;;LL ……ttDD;;
    LLtt ;;iittDDtt

  2. Crap. I assure you it was a squirrel when I pasted it in…

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