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Baby Meow= Bartlett Pear

Doctor’s appointment yesterday! Went well! And baby’s growing! Apparently, it is also the size of a pear, just about. Yummy.

I must admit several things are becoming deeply surreal right around now:

1. My fundal height is a very surreal thing. To think that my uterus is peeking out 16.5 centimeters away from my pubic bone at 16 weeks is a little odd. I mean…. who knew that it was so relatively exact? On the plus side, if I have the Monsieur put a finger right over the spot, he can say hello to Baby Meow. Sometimes I’m almost convinced I can feel its heartbeat, even.

2. Again, the little choo-choo train made itself evident, only that I think Baby Meow felt the Doppler head was an obnoxious paparazzo and actually swam away from the limelight. It was really quite cute, except that more poking and probing was required to find the heartbeat. Finally, cornered against one side of the uterus, Baby Meow had to allow this little intrusion upon its Regal person. Personally, I think it was taking a nap, because the heartbeat was at about 142 beats per minute.

I don’t blame it. I don’t like to be awakened from naps in order to have my heart auscultated either.

3. Somehow the reality of having a little someone growing in there all the time just seems more… well, real all the time, and I’m happy to report that the Swiss Army knife does not belong to Baby Meow. It’s just that The Meowster is putting on the pounds and the sharp jabbing is courtesy of my poor abdominal muscles and round ligaments shouting in unison something that sounds like, “YOU BITCH!”

4. At almost 17 weeks, I’ve gained just a little bit over 7 pounds. I think this is quite good, and I hope I can keep this healthy gain up. Let’s see…… the average is 3-5 pounds from weeks 1 through 13… and one pound a week during the second trimester…. spells…. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

5. Hm. I guess there’s no number five.

Overall, the baby is growing fine and the anatomical ultrasound (aka The Fancy Schmancy one) is scheduled for 13 July. *yay*

As for the blankie… it’s on its way to being finished. And that spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E too. (and l-a-z-y, but I’m over self-blaming this week at least).

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