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Hate Thy Neighbor/Don’t Want to Grow Up To Be Gladys Kravitz

It happened again.

Another semi-sleepless night courtesy of people who are total assholes.

Okay…. backtrack. Or rather…… rewind! <<

1. I did sleep. I just didn’t sleep as grandiosely or as soundly as I would have wanted.
2. They looked like and okay bunch of guys (and one girl), but a little too old to be sitting outside and laughing loudly in the middle of the street and riding around on a BMX bike at 10:30 pm. Or at any time of day. BMX bikes are for 16-year olds who think they don’t look stupid riding a bike that, while it may be able to do all sorts of fun tricks (like killing you, for instance), looks like you’ve choppered out your little brother’s bike. Or for, ahem, “professional BMX riders” who for the main part are right up there with professional surfers: most suck really badly and have gotten hit on the head far too many times. And yes, there are like TEN in the world who are truly any good, and are they ever good.
3. I hate you hanger-outer, carefree and unpregnant people who smoke and ride BMX bikes at 10:30 pm!!!!!!!! Why can’t you go hang out at Zippy’s or something? What is WRONG with you? I should have called the cops and channeled my inner Gladys Kravitz.
4. Did I mention I’ve been horribly hormonal lately? Geez. I just cannot put my finger on why that could ever be so.
5. Oh yeah….. the Monsieur and I saw “Bewitched”. Cute. Quirky. Really crap ending. They had a fresh take on the remake and some really subtly funny lines and character charisma going on. Then they tried to end it and make it happy. And that’s when it tanked.
And by the way, (and I seriously cannot believe I’m saying this) Nicole Kidman was….. cute. She was! She was bubbly and light and adorable and her outfits were oh-so-cute and prim and pretty and she had the nose twitch down pretty well (though neither she not most mere mortal women may hold a candle to Elizabeth Montgomery. EVER.) but I must say that someone needs to tell her that sandwiches (and pastries, fruit, pizza, bread, and even tofu) are her friends. In some scenes she actually looked repulsive skinny. But all in all, Nicole Kidman’s earned some brownie points in my eyes (even if she, sadly, will never EAT those brownies). I mean… between looking really adorable and having Michael Caine as a pretend-dad, that alone is enough. But now that I think more about it, if poor Tom Cruise was already turning psycho and if the Scientology folks wanted her out of the way (as a couple of gossip websites claim happened); and if to top it off she had a miscarriage right around the time of their divorce…. then Nicole Kidman deserves some of my respect and a chunk of my pity (it’s easier than hogging it all to myself, really).

But she really needs to lay off the Botox.

Oh. And , two more random items:
6. I just love Saturdays!
7. Michelle Wie has really large feet. I honestly think they are the key to her power swing.

Hm. More later. I feel food calling me. Again.

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